Clinical Nutrition

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Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition
“One man’s food is another man’s poison”
“Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”
“You are what you eat”

We are all familiar with these famous quotes that indicate how important food is to health and how certain dietary recommendations may be beneficial to one person and harmful to another. There is no one diet that fits all.

Because we are all biochemical individuals, our diets and nutrient intakes need to reflect this. Our body runs on thousands of different chemical processes which require certain nutrients in order to function properly. Deficiencies and imbalances can result from poor diet, excess physical/ mental/ emotional stress and sometimes genetics. These imbalances can result in dysfunction of hormones, digestion, energy production, immune function and cognitive abilities.

Clinical nutrition seeks to optimize an individual’s health by correcting nutrient imbalances, deficiencies or excesses with the proper foods and nutrients for that individual. Determining an individual’s needs can be accomplished through dietary history and symptomatology, vitamin and mineral status testing, blood typing, metabolic testing, etc.

As Hippocrates said, the right nutrition can act as medicine – making pharmaceutical intervention unnecessary. This has been seen to be true in conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, depression, arthritis and many others.


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