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Counselling Therapy

Counselling Therapy


Many health problems can be treated by making healthier lifestyle choices, with naturopathic or conventional medicine and other therapies. Counselling Therapy can help with finding new ways to approach stressful situations, changing negative beliefs and habits, navigating the loss of a loved one and changing the way we deal with difficult relationships.

Mental health problems too are preventable, manageable and treatable with Counselling Therapy (Psychotherapy).

We provide counselling therapy for people in the following areas:


Fear, anxiety & phobia
Depression, low mood and hopelessness
Painful or traumatic experiences
Obsessive and compulsive behaviors
Time pressure
Financial problems
Sleep problems


Food and eating disorders
Body image
Substance-related and addiction problems
Anger and conduct-related problems


Couples and marriage counselling
Managing separation and divorce
Grief, loss and dying
Recovering from physical and sexual abuse
Spirituality, meaning and belonging

Our compassionate, mindfulness-based therapeutic counselling will help you get to the root of the problem  so you can heal, and live with greater wellbeing.


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